IPS Drug Testing Services

IPS Drug Testing Services offers Third Party Administration services for all our clients’ DOT and non-DOT drug testing needs required for DOT Compliance.

DRUG and Breath Alcohol Testing

Drug Testing Services for ALL DOT Divisions such as FMCSA, FAA, FTA, and USCG. We coordinate all test activities with our clients, clinics, MRO, Labs, and the drivers to make sure all reports are accurate and sent to our clients fast. We also have an enterprise software using which our clients can access their random lists, drivers, results, invoices, and stats.

Random Program Management

We have over 15,000 drivers in our random pool segregated by individual pools for large clients. We also have our own consortium to manage randoms for our smaller clients. We generate pools for Drug and Breath Alcohol Tests with Alternates in case the drivers in the pool are not available. We administer these pools accurately and save test results which is used for statistical reports generation required by the law.

MRO Service

We have experienced and certified MROs in staff to speak with every individual who has a positive lab results. Our MRO reviews all DOT and non-DOT results intensely and provide consultation when it is needed before a report is made to the company. MROs' review of the drug test results protects both the employee and the employer from liabilities inherent in any drug testing program. The integrity of your Drug Testing program depends on its fairness and accuracy.

24x7 Service

We provide 24x7 service for our clients for Emergency situation. When your driver is engaged in an accident and issued a ticket there are guidelines available from DOT to identify if a Post Accident Drug Test is needed. We will be with you to make sure that we set up required tests for the driver and send him or her to the nearest clinic to help our clients take all necessary steps. We will report the test results within a day of receiving the results from the Lab.

Laboratory and Clinical Service

We have agreements with TOP Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Certified Laboratories across the nation. We are electronically linked with each laboratory and own MRO, so we receive test results 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Fast Reports

We know your drivers are waiting for results for the Pre-employment drug screens. This is why we send you reports within 24 hours of getting the results from the lab. A majority of our reports go out on the same day.


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